The Amazing Spider-Man

My Spidey senses are tingling, Marvel!

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The announcement that Spider-Man will be joining fellow Marvel superheroes in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe (MCU) will hopefully prove that Sony Pictures has learned from its past mistakes.

How they will explore this new direction remains to be seen. After two reboot attempts with the Spider-Man series, the first being in 2002 with Spider-Man 1 — followed by 2 and 3, (let’s not talk about the creepy dance scene in third film), as well as The Amazing Spider-Man 1, and 2. One can only hope that this joint venture with Marvel will return our favourite web-slinger to his rightful glory.

Though Sony, who will still own the rights to the $4 billion series, have not yet revealed Spidey’s involvement in the MCU, there has been a lot of speculation. In the comic books, Spider-Man is an integral part of the Marvel universe and plays a  significant role in the Civil War storyline. In which, the U.S. Government has proposed the Superhuman Registration Act, requiring all super-powered beings to register as living weapons of mass destruction, and all costumed heroes to unmask themselves, for the sake of regulation and legitimacy. Iron Man and Captain I will tell you Spider-Man’s involvement creates rather astounding ripples. As the next Captain America film, which is due for release on May 6, 2016, is titled Captain America: Civil War, this would seem a likely course of action.

Will it be a continuation of The Amazing-Spiderman? Something completely different? Personally, I hope it isn’t another reboot—I mean, how many times are we going to have to watch Ben Parker die?

I sincerely hope that Amy Pascal, who oversaw the Spider-Man franchise launch 13 years ago, along with Kevin Feige and his expert team at Marvel, can save this beloved series and return Spider-Man to his rightful glory. I guess only time will tell, I for one will be saving my judgement until then.

Go team Marvel!