DELICIOUS vegan egg salad mix

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Are you drooling yet? Image via PETA.

Time: 5-10 minutes.

I don’t know about other vegans, but something I find myself often craving is an egg salad sandwich. Obviously, being vegan, I’m not about to break my morals to eat one; so I’ve been on the hunt for a great recipe that doesn’t involve animal abuse.

There’s lots of recipes on the internet; this is just my particular one I’ve found (and god, it’s DELICIOUS!). I’m giving you the poor uni student version of vegan cooking—also, the lazy version. Enjoy!


  • Tofu (I don’t think it matters what kind).
  • Nutritional yeast flakes (you can find these at your local health food store; filled with all kinds of good things vegans need! The bag is around $10, but it lasts a fair while and can be used in so many other things).
  • (Some recipes call for some kind of sulfuric egg-tasting salt, but I’m too poor for that; normal salt works fine.)
  • Vegan mayonnaise. (A lot of the 99% fat free mayonnaise are actually vegan! Yay! I use Praise.)
  • Vegan butter. I use Nuttlex which can be found in most supermarkets. If not, some kind of oil would also work. A teaspoon should be enough.
  • Instant mash potato (or actual mashed potato, it doesn’t really matter.)


I don’t really measure anything—I go by consistency and flavour. You be the judge! About a teaspoon of most ingredients, but a fair bit of mayonnaise (depending what you like) and a larger amount of tofu.

  • Crumble up your desired amount of tofu into an average-sized bowl (depending on how much you’re making!).
  • If you’re using leftover mashed potato, combine this with the tofu. If you’re using instant, you’d probably want to do that first, mixing the powder with hot water (but not too much, as we have other liquids to go in!).
  • Heat your vegan butter in the microwave for 10-20 seconds, depending on your microwave; just enough to melt. If you’re using oil (which may change the flavour), you can skip this step.
  • Combine potato, tofu, butter and all the other ingredients in the bowl; mix. From here on, it’s about adjusting: add more of the flavours and things you like more. I personally like to add a fair bit of nutritional yeast flakes, mayo and the turmeric; I just prefer the flavour. See what you like!

Optional: If you want to make curried eggs, add a bit of curry powder!

Serve this deliciousness however you like! Enjoy!