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THE BEST vegan chocolate ball recipe ever!

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My partner and I tried this recipe out of an experimentation that turned into—seriously—the BEST vegan chocolate thing I’ve ever eaten. And it wasn’t even that difficult! If I can do it, I figure anyone can do it—assuming you have some kind of blender available (we use one of those Magic Bullets or whatever).

So, all you chocolate lovers rejoice! Here’s a delicious and simple recipe you’ll love!



  • Dates
  • Orange juice
  • Peanut butter (a few table spoons)
  • Coco powder (or some form of chocolate powder that’s vegan.)
  • Fried noodles (or some kind of dried noodles—just to add some crunch! It’s delicious, trust me.)
  • Dark chocolate
  • Skewers (can be used without, though)
  • A blender

Note: use as much of these ingredients as you wish. The dates are the basis for the recipe, so that will essentially be the amount of mixture you end up with. I’d recommend using more peanut butter than you’d think.


  • First, you’ll want to soak your dates in some orange juice. This will soften them and add some sweetness. If you want to soak them overnight, that’s great—but I’m impatient, so I let them soak for a few minutes before microwaving them (but not for too long!). You want them to be soft enough to blend.
  • Combine the soft dates (drain the orange juice—though you can use a little of this for a bit of extra moisture if you wish) with the peanut butter, coco powder, and blend.
  • Put mixture into a bowl, and add the fried dry noodle bits, which should be broken apart. Mix.
  • If the consistency is right, you should be able to roll the mixture into small, bite-sized balls using your hands. Place these on a tray (use foil or baking paper if you’re lazy like me and don’t want to wash it up later).
  • Melt some dark chocolate—enough to cover the pieces. You can do this on the stove at a low heat (make sure to stir thoroughly so you don’t burn it) or the microwave.
  • Use the skewers (or whatever you think) to pick up the chocolate pieces, and dip them into the dark chocolate. Cover as much as you can. If you have left-over chocolate, simply use a spoon to pour on top of the chocolate balls.
  • Place tray in fridge—serve when the chocolate has set.

This process actually doesn’t take too long, and my god: they’re delicious, and very worth it! And there you have it folks—enjoy!