Messaging for dummies: how to not be a douche

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Facebook people, we need to talk. I don’t care who you are. I don’t care what you do. I don’t care how busy you think you are. If you can see someone’s social media messages, you could at least do the courtesy of sending some kind of a response.

Now, I understand we do get busy. Sometimes we accidently open messages in our sleep. Sometimes we forget. Sometimes we genuinely don’t have time to respond to every little whim. Sometimes we may not even reply. Even so, call me crazy, but if I am talking to you about something important, I kind of expect a response. Any response. Particularly if I can see you a) online, b) posting other whimsical things and c) what I’m talking to you about needs an answer.

So, to make it simple for you, here’s my quick and handy guide on how to not be an inconsiderate jerk when messaging people on Facebook. You should answer someone if:

  • It’s a question.
  • It’s an important question.
  • It’s time-sensitive.
  • It involves organising a meeting.
  • It’s something you said you’d do—or try to do.
  • They’re a good friend.
  • They’re relying on your response for something.

Do not respond if:

  • You are inconsiderate.
  • You are a jerk.
  • They’re stalking you.
  • It’s stupid.

There you go—refer to that guide if you have this problem. Or tag someone in this post to send a message. Really, it’s about respect—and common courtesy.

Maybe I’m being superficial. Maybe I’m overreacting. Maybe you’re sitting there thinking I complain too much—and you’re probably right. But for all my faults, at least I reply to my damn messages. Don’t be rude. Respond.




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